How to set up your environment to create HTML5 and/or AIR Apps in 45 minutes (STEP 6)

Link for Sample Apps in AIR: (search for AIR)

* You can download my template folder here:

How to set up your environment to create HTML5 and/or AIR Apps in 45 minutes (STEP 7)

To create BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Apps (HTML5), you can use command line to package and sign your app. Zip all of your files (HTML5, CSS, JS, images and config.xml) and use the command line:

The location of BBWP, the guy who does all the packaging and signing of WebWorks HTML5 Apps, is where the WebWorks SDK is:

To create BlackBerry 10 AIR Apps, you can use BlackBerry Graphical Aid:

How to set up your environment to create HTML5 and/or AIR Apps in 45 minutes (STEP 8)

To install any BAR file, you can use the command line:

Or you can use BlackBerry Graphical Aid:

If you added the -d instruction when packaging your WebWorks (HTML5) App, you can use the amazing Remote Web Inspector:

And you can even refresh your WebWorks (HTML5) App on your device, without having to repackage (video tutorial):

How to set up your environment to create HTML5 and/or AIR Apps in 45 minutes (STEP 9)

Vendor Portal:

Before submitting your app, you will need some items:

• A Short Description of your Application
• A Long Description of your Application (up to 4000 characters)
• Up to 5 Keywords for your Application
• 480 x 480 Product Icon
• 1920 x 1186 Feature Image
• Up to 50 Screenshots of your Application
• A BlackBerry World Vendor Account
• Your Signed Application

After creating your PRODUCT in BlackBerry World (former App World), make sure you ADD A RELEASE (plus sign), that is where you upload your BAR file.

* There is a very nice video tutorial with all the steps to submit an App to BlackBerry World, created by Tom Anderson, available on YouTube:

Convert your content into a BlackBerry App in less than 10 minutes!

Have a blog? Facebook page? YouTube Channel?

Great news: you can convert it into a BB10, PlayBook or BBOS App in less than 10 minutes, using BlackBerry App Generator. Watch this short video and learn how:

Step 1: Sign up for a BlackBerry App World Vendor Account:

Step 2: Create your App using BlackBerry App Generator: http://www/

Step 3: Publish to App World.

Yes, that easy! Piece of cake! Good luck everyone.

Meu primeiro post em português para os #soudev do Brasil #oportunidade

Olá pessoal, estou escrevendo meu primeiro post em português para convidar VOCÊ, developer brasileiro, a participar do que planejamos ser a melhor experiência de Hackathon no planeta.

Veja esta matéria bem interessante que saiu na TV muito recentemente sobre Hackathons:

Gostou? Então, simplesmente rodamos o mundo atrás dos melhores Hackathons, participamos, vencemos alguns e nos últimos meses planejamos aquele que promete ser o melhor de todos. Analisamos todos os pontos positivos de cada Hackathon e melhoramos cada um deles, desde café+redbull+pizza até diferentes tecnologias como HTML5, C/C++, Adobe AIR e Android/Java, tudo para não tirar você developer da sua zona de conforto.

Nós chamamos estes super hackathons de BlackBerry Jam Sessions, e vamos percorrer 15 cidades da América Latina de Agosto a Novembro.

O que você está esperando? O primeiro destes super hackathons acontece em Recife dia 25 de Agosto, na cobertura do Porto Digital, e ainda temos pouco mais de 10 vagas:

As inscrições são gratuitas e podem ser feitas pelo site

Developers hungry for t-shirts at Campus Party Recife (Brazil)

We decided to give away some t-shirts at Campus Party in Recife (Brazil), and the local developers got more than excited, as you can see here:

Looking forward to seeing all the apps these passionate developers will build.

BlackBerry at Campus Party Recife (Brazil) with 2 thousand geeks

On July 27 2012, @BryanTafel and I (@DemianBorba) represented @BlackBerryDev at Campus Party Recife, an amazing event, gathering more than 2 thousand geeks at the same place.

We spent one hour talking about BlackBerry 10, its core features and how easy it is for developers (

You can watch the full presentation here (in Portuguese):

All pictures can be found on our Facebook album.

We also announced our BlackBerry Jam Sessions, with the goal of creating THE best Hackathon experience on the planet. And the first one will take place in Recife, on August 25. Hope to see you there.

Developers, do you want to see your success story published?

Before I joined Research in Motion® (RIM®) as a BlackBerry® Developer Evangelist, I was teaching (Programming & Design) at University of California San Diego and also running an interactive agency called Action Creations.

This week I saw that the success story about Action Creations was published by the Customer Success Program team at RIM.

You can view the full story here:
PDF in Brazilian Portuguese:
PDF in Spanish:

What I’d like to highlight here is that BlackBerry cares about developers, highlighting good work and taking them by hand in order to help them to succeed. I can tell that because I’ve experienced that and it is awesome, like no other platform does.

Developers, do you want to be evaluated and maybe have your success story told? Ping me on Twitter (@demianborba) and I will point you to the right contact.

In the meantime, I’m glad to see more sold out events for our BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour. New cities now have the registration open.

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Thanks Santa Clara, California!

Santa Clara, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley (and headquarters for companies such as Intel, Oracle, McAfee and Nvidia), was the second stop of the BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour in the US.

It was another sold-out event, bringing together passionate and curious developers looking for the opportunities BlackBerry 10 holds. Attendees came from all over the valley including San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, San Bruno, San Mateo, Foster City and Palo Alto. There was also a group of developers who drove all the way up from Los Angeles to experience a day of tracks in Web, Native and Enterprise development.

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