Developers, do you wanna surf the next best wave?

It is now nearly two months since I joined Research in Motion as a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist and lots of people I know, from the industry and from some circles of friends, based on some news out there, keep asking me: “Are you nuts? Really? BlackBerry?”.

Funny to hear that, because somehow I always felt RIM had a shot (now even more with the new RIM, new CEO, new strategy, new teams etc).

From my past experience as a partner, RIM cared about developers, about me, about my former company. I was running the BlackBerry Dev Group in San Diego, I was teaching how to develop for the PlayBook at UCSD and I was lucky to win one of the best Hackathons in the world (the AT&T one in Vegas) with a PlayBook app (and with the help of my former co-worker Doug Saisho), competing against iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. So I can say I was already some sort of believer/evangelist, always with great support from RIM.

And on April 2nd of 2012, I left everything behind (including my company, in its best year), to join Research in Motion. Now I’m traveling the world, surrounded by extremely talented people, passionate about technology, coming from all different companies (e.g. Microsoft, Palm) to join this elite team and to be part of a revolution called BlackBerry 10.

I started to get really excited about BlackBerry when I heard that RIM had acquired TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), a company I was a BIG fan for years. Look what they were thinking about, back in 2010:

So deeply inside I knew something great would come out of that. And TAT + all the experience of RIM + QNX (one of the most mature operating systems in the world) was a clear win win scenario. And now, being inside Research in Motion, I can guarantee that it is a strong new company, young, with clear goals, focused, full of very talented professionals and with an amazing new platform in the works.

My mission started at BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, where developers received a developer alpha device (4.2” screen and 1280×768 resolution), with an earlier alpha version of BB10, to start porting/creating their apps to this new platform. It was a developer prototype (not representing the final hardware or software), a further proof of RIM’s commitment to the developer community; to provide you developer the best tools and the best opportunities to build apps for the BlackBerry platform. Some screenshots of BB10:

You developer can choose to develop for BlackBerry 10 in Native (C/C++), WebWorks (HTML5/JavaScript/CSS), Adobe AIR and could also repackage their Android apps to run on the PlayBook (note: all PlayBook apps will run on BB10). View the tools here.

There is an enormous business opportunity within the BlackBerry platform for developers. We all know that it’s becoming nearly impossible to get noticed on the other platforms (tons of duplicates, very few apps being profitable or not even breaking even). It’s up to you, target a platform which is pretty much like a lottery, or target the BlackBerry platform, where you can choose the way to develop, and benefit from an ecosystem of apps growing very fast.

I’m a surfer, and I would prefer to surf a perfect wave by myself than get really stressed out surfing with a huge crowd around me. How about you?

BlackBerry 10 will be released later this year and I’m eager to see what you will create. RIM wants to give you all the tools for you to be successful.

I hope to see you at the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour stops! (RIM has some seed devices for the ones who qualify and attend the tour).

My advice? Be the crazy one to choose the BlackBerry platform (the new BlackBerry) and let’s surf this amazing wave with no crowd, it will pay off!

Happy coding everyone!

2 Responses to “Developers, do you wanna surf the next best wave?”

  1. Leandro June 13, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    Do you happen to know when they will release BB10, and, if not, at least when they will announce its release date?

    Warm regards,

    • dborba June 13, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

      Hi Leandro, all I know is that we are planning to release BB10 later this year. Hope to see you at BB10 Jam World Tour in Sao Paulo in August (dates to be announced soon).

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