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The last Adobe Camp Brasil (Video Highlights)

This week we compiled a short video with some video highlights of the last Adobe Camp we ran in Brazil (got a little emotional in the end when I announced it was the last one, got really impressed with all the positive energy from everyone).

I’d like to thank EVERYONE for the amazing support, and here it is, the video highlights, enjoy:

We are still compiling a complete video with all the speakers, sponsors and more nice shots from the camp (will announce it soon).

For sure Adobe Camp Brasil will be missed, but keep your eyes open for BB10 Jam World Tour to see if it will stop in your city (still some spots left).

And conference organizers, how about doing fun raffles? Check the Talk Clock App out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Thanks again to YOU, who was there with us at the last Adobe Camp Brasil. We had a blast!

Desafio BlackBerry Hackathon in Argentina

On April 14th 2012, I had the chance to represent Blackberry at the 1st Hackathon of the contest Desafio BlackBerry, targeting developers and designers in Argentina. The event took place at ITBA (Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires).

104 attendees spent their Saturday learning, interacting with each other and programming for hours. First they saw a keynote with Bryan Tafel (Hackathon organizer), me (Demian Borba, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist with Research in Motion) and Mariano Carrizo (Flex expert and writer). Right after the keynote, the audience participated in 2 workshops, one in WebWorks and the other in Flex, targeting the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

One lucky winner took home a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook.

Video highlighting the first Hackathon in Argentina.

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Warming up for Adobe Camp Brazil

Due to great success in 2010 and 2011, Flash Camp Brazil got bigger and now is Adobe Camp Brazil, with talks and workshops on Design, Development and Digital Video. Some of the best professionals in the world, coming from companies like Google, Adobe, QNX, Conspiração Filmes, PontoMobi Group, Sencha and BlackBerry, meet on 27 and 28 of April 2012 in Maceió, to present, discuss the latest trends and innovations with a focus on the creative and technological scenario.

The event takes place in the Radisson Hotel in Maceio for 2 days with a intense schedule of 4 workshops, several talks in Portuguese and English with simultaneous translation, attracting participants from various Brazilian states and other countries.

The initiative to bring the ADOBE CAMP, which takes place in various parts of the world, to Brazil came from brothers Derick and Demian Borba, partners, owners of the interactive agency in California Action Creations, partners with Adobe and RIM-BlackBerry, both graduates and residents for a long period in the capital of Alagoas.

As a pioneering event in the country, organizers are inviting professionals and students from around the world to learn from the best minds in the area. With full support and supervision of U.S. Adobe Systems, Adobe Camp speakers Brazil include developers, creative directors, filmmakers, designers, photographers, video makers, CTOs and CEOs from Brazil, Europe and the United States. The last event was considered the best Adobe Camp ever held in the world and registrations are going super fast. “We believe that registration will sell out very soon, even more quickly than it did last year, where the entries sold out a week in advance.” says Derick Borba.

Adobe Camp Brazil 2012 is around the corner, last years event went amazingly well.

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