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BlackBerry Launches Tech Center in Rio de Janeiro in Partnership with PUC-Rio

The BlackBerry Tech Centers in Brazil are designed to help students and developers take advantage of the growing global mobile ecosystem

BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) opened the doors of its fourth BlackBerry® Tech Center in Brazil. The center launched recently is a partnership with PUC-Rio. The program serves a dual purpose: to provide ongoing training and the space and resources necessary to help students and developers to create and test new mobile applications, and to nurture their entrepreneurship by helping to generate business opportunities for them.

The Honorable John Baird, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who participated in the Tech Center launch ceremony said, “PUC-Rio has a long history of collaboration with Canada, especially with the University of Waterloo. The partnership between BlackBerry and PUC-Rio with the opening of the Tech Center will foster innovation, create jobs, growth and prosperity in both of our countries and in international markets”.

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Creating High Performance Mobile Apps with HTML5, HTML5DevConf San Francisco

On October 22nd I had the great pleasure to present at HTML5DevConf in San Francisco, with around 2000 developers attending the conference, with speakers from important companies such as Google, Adobe, Intel, PayPal, Parse and a lot more.

My talk was called “Creating High Performance Mobile Apps with HTML5″ and here is the talk description:
Learn how to create amazing HTML5 apps for mobile devices — always focusing on the best performance possible — using debugging and inspection tools. This presentation covers how to package applications for BlackBerry 10 devices and how to set up your environment to get live reloads on your mobile devices. Open source JavaScript libraries for our UI are mentioned, and it goes through some of the important ins and outs of mobile development using HTML5.

Hope you enjoy the slides. Keep in touch: (@demianborba)

BlackBerry 10 Appreciation Event, Brazil (video)

On January 30th, more than 200 developers got together to celebrate the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the Red Bull house in Recife, Brazil.

You can see all the 154 pictures on our #BBJamSessions Facebook Page

The New BlackBerry 10 & Opportunities for Developers @ the Adobe Developer Group in San Diego, California

On March 4th, I had the honor to get back to San Diego and show the Adobe Developer Group San Diego members what the new BlackBerry 10 really is. In the beginning I asked: “Who thinks BlackBerry can be competitive and have a shot in today’s mobile scenario?” Only 2 or 3 hands up. At the end of the presentation, after showing the official BlackBerry 10 demo, with its keyboard, hub, peek, flow and lots of innovative/unique features, I asked the same question and…

…got pretty much all the hands in the air! BlackBerry 10 rocks!!

Besides the demo, the audience saw how to work with HTML5 in order to develop for BlackBerry 10, including Web Inspector and Live Refresh. They also had the chance to play with the new BlackBerry Z10 (black and white), with our BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C and our BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B.

These are the slides from the presentation:

And to win tons of giveaways, developers had to play “Rock-paper-scissors”, led by James Polanco, with a simple rule: “the last person standing wins”. Winners took home PlayBook tablets, jackets, backpacks and a lot of BlackBerry SWAG.

Thank you San Diego developers, can’t wait to get back.

Count on us!! Hope to see you soon.

Are you a developer working with HTML5 and/or AIR? New to BlackBerry 10 development? This is for you!

My presentation at Jam Europe is live now, as well as all the presentations (view all).

Learn how to set up your environment in 45 minutos, for HTML5 development and AIR development.

In the video, you will see how to:

• Ask for signing keys
• Download the right SDKs
• Install the right SDKs
• Register your computer with your new signing keys
• Find sample Apps using HTML 5 on Github
• Find sample Apps using Adobe AIR on Github
• Package and sign your applications
• Deploy your App to BlackBerry 10 devices and debug it
• Publish you App on BlackBerry World

Meu primeiro post em português para os #soudev do Brasil #oportunidade

Olá pessoal, estou escrevendo meu primeiro post em português para convidar VOCÊ, developer brasileiro, a participar do que planejamos ser a melhor experiência de Hackathon no planeta.

Veja esta matéria bem interessante que saiu na TV muito recentemente sobre Hackathons:

Gostou? Então, simplesmente rodamos o mundo atrás dos melhores Hackathons, participamos, vencemos alguns e nos últimos meses planejamos aquele que promete ser o melhor de todos. Analisamos todos os pontos positivos de cada Hackathon e melhoramos cada um deles, desde café+redbull+pizza até diferentes tecnologias como HTML5, C/C++, Adobe AIR e Android/Java, tudo para não tirar você developer da sua zona de conforto.

Nós chamamos estes super hackathons de BlackBerry Jam Sessions, e vamos percorrer 15 cidades da América Latina de Agosto a Novembro.

O que você está esperando? O primeiro destes super hackathons acontece em Recife dia 25 de Agosto, na cobertura do Porto Digital, e ainda temos pouco mais de 10 vagas:

As inscrições são gratuitas e podem ser feitas pelo site

Developers hungry for t-shirts at Campus Party Recife (Brazil)

We decided to give away some t-shirts at Campus Party in Recife (Brazil), and the local developers got more than excited, as you can see here:

Looking forward to seeing all the apps these passionate developers will build.

BlackBerry at Campus Party Recife (Brazil) with 2 thousand geeks

On July 27 2012, @BryanTafel and I (@DemianBorba) represented @BlackBerryDev at Campus Party Recife, an amazing event, gathering more than 2 thousand geeks at the same place.

We spent one hour talking about BlackBerry 10, its core features and how easy it is for developers (

You can watch the full presentation here (in Portuguese):

All pictures can be found on our Facebook album.

We also announced our BlackBerry Jam Sessions, with the goal of creating THE best Hackathon experience on the planet. And the first one will take place in Recife, on August 25. Hope to see you there.

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Thanks Santa Clara, California!

Santa Clara, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley (and headquarters for companies such as Intel, Oracle, McAfee and Nvidia), was the second stop of the BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour in the US.

It was another sold-out event, bringing together passionate and curious developers looking for the opportunities BlackBerry 10 holds. Attendees came from all over the valley including San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, San Bruno, San Mateo, Foster City and Palo Alto. There was also a group of developers who drove all the way up from Los Angeles to experience a day of tracks in Web, Native and Enterprise development.

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BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Tipping the Hat to Austin, Texas!

Austin, Texas is one of the most important technology centers in the United States, and it was stop number three on our BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour. The excitement and enthusiasm was growing throughout the day, with attendees coming from various regions and even other states like Michigan, Oklahoma and Colorado. Many arrived early, even before we opened registration. We received many compliments for choosing Austin for the tour, highlighting local talent and opening doors of communication between Research In Motion® (RIM®) and developers.

It was clear to everyone that this is a new RIM with a clear strategy and innovative solutions, focusing on those who seek productivity and efficiency through the use of technology. Many good discussions were initiated, such as the real possibility of creating new BlackBerry Developer Groups in Texas, and also the interest to take our BlackBerry Academic Program to local educational institutions.

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