BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Thanks Santa Clara, California!

Santa Clara, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley (and headquarters for companies such as Intel, Oracle, McAfee and Nvidia), was the second stop of the BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour in the US.

It was another sold-out event, bringing together passionate and curious developers looking for the opportunities BlackBerry 10 holds. Attendees came from all over the valley including San Francisco, Fremont, San Jose, San Bruno, San Mateo, Foster City and Palo Alto. There was also a group of developers who drove all the way up from Los Angeles to experience a day of tracks in Web, Native and Enterprise development.

The day started with an energetic keynote with the same crew who presented the news and the demos in Austin, plus Ronjon Nag, Vice President, BlackBerry App World™ and Intelligent Systems at Research In Motion® (RIM®). The activities then began with the myths around developing for the BlackBerry platform, plus discussion of the revolutionary user experience of BlackBerry 10 and the SDKs available for developers (HTML5, C/C++, Cascades, Adobe® AIR® and Android™). It is very clear that BlackBerry cares and wants to give developers choice like no other platform. Developers can see it; as described by one reporter from CNET, who was conducting interviews outside of the hotel:

They spoke of RIM’s outreach team taking time to actually address their woes. “They’re developing the whole operating system based on our needs with our input,” one developer, Matt Lewandowsky, told me. “[BlackBerry 10] could be the first mobile operating system that’s truly developer-friendly.

During lunch, ten teams pitched their apps and ideas to the whole audience. The apps included a nautical mapping app that helps sailors with charts (using location, gyroscope, etc), a drumming app with great sound and performance, a translator app which teaches Japanese writing, an activity app that encourages teens to be socially responsible, a hospital location app, and more. The winner for the day was a chess app for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet with very open rules (or no rules at all), but what was unique about this app was that it has been developed by two boys ages 10 and 14. Congrats kids! This shows that developing for BlackBerry is not complicated. All the documentation and samples available on are there to support beginners and experienced developers alike.

fter the tracks were over, developers got together for two hours to enjoy food and drinks and discuss the possibilities presented during the day. One of our San Francisco BlackBerry developer groups organized an event in the hotel following the BlackBerry 10 Jam and some developers stayed longer to participate.

In short, BlackBerry 10 Jam in Santa Clara was epic and full of positive energy.

Some interesting tweets:

@IsaacNaor: Very impressed with #BB10 & it’s capabilities; I haven’t been this excited about BB since the first trackball was introduced! #BB10Jam.

@tterb: At #bb10jam , takeaway so far is that RIM is listening to devs and responding. A very good sign for bb10.

@MKRK: @demianborba Epic presentation skills today at #BB10Jam. Your talk on stage about people who take action and #BB10 vision was so true!

@JoOkafor: Digging into some html5 talks with @BlackBerry @wclements1 @ak2webd3 #bb10jam

@AgentBlackBerry: I don’t care, I’m excited about this > “Skype Attends BlackBerry 10 Jam In California”… #teamBlackBerry #BB10Jam

@tterb: @demianborba @lmcdunna thanks for the awesome event, guys! Looking forward to writing some webworks apps this summer #BB10Jam #BB10

@MKRK: Great meeting everyone at #BB10Jam Santa Clara today. Lots of famous people from the dev community.

@dgiul: Great time at #BB10Jam today! Thanks @BlackBerryDev @WaterlooErik

@jpinkerton: Hey @cnet & @cnetnews you know that iOS & Android devs attend the #BB10Jam sessions, right? Case in point:

Next stops are Toronto and New York, also sold-out events. Let’s rock and roll this!

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