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Adobe AIR 3.5 Overview for BlackBerry 10.2, presented at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

Convert any SWF into a BlackBerry 10.2 Application (GAP for AIR)

Important: This is not an official BlackBerry tool and there is no plan to provide support or updates. Use it at your own risk.

Hello fellow Flash developers! This is Demian Borba (@demianborba), BlackBerry Developer Evangelist and I’d like to share something special with you all.

Normally, to convert SWFs into for BlackBerry 10 apps, you have to use the command line, which is not very comfortable and productive for some developers, myself included. You can also use IDEs, but sometimes you want to just use a simple GUI tool.

With that in mind, the Tech Center Maceio in Brazil and I designed/developed a visual tool for the desktop (Mac and Windows) called GAP (Graphical Aid Plus) Alpha for AIR, which executes all the command line instructions under the hood.

As you might know, BlackBerry 10.2 now supports Adobe AIR 3.5, which includes Stage3D and StageVideo, great APIs for games and video. With GAP Alpha for AIR you can convert any SWF into a BlackBerry 10.2 application.

Let me tell you how it works!

1. Download and Install GAP

Before you download GAP Alpha for AIR, please make sure you download and install the current BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR.

Download GAP Alpha for AIR (Mac Version, 29.9MB)
Download GAP Alpha for AIR (Windows Version, 22.9MB)

Once you have GAP installed, you will be able to (visually):

  • Request signing keys
  • Register signing keys
  • Backup signing keys
  • Restore signing keys
  • Create and install debug tokens
  • Create BB10 apps from any SWF
  • Install .bar files in the simulator or any device

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