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How to set up your environment to create HTML5 and/or AIR Apps in 45 minutes (STEP 9)

Vendor Portal:

Before submitting your app, you will need some items:

• A Short Description of your Application
• A Long Description of your Application (up to 4000 characters)
• Up to 5 Keywords for your Application
• 480 x 480 Product Icon
• 1920 x 1186 Feature Image
• Up to 50 Screenshots of your Application
• A BlackBerry World Vendor Account
• Your Signed Application

After creating your PRODUCT in BlackBerry World (former App World), make sure you ADD A RELEASE (plus sign), that is where you upload your BAR file.

* There is a very nice video tutorial with all the steps to submit an App to BlackBerry World, created by Tom Anderson, available on YouTube:

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